Editorial Note, Inaugural Issue

Perspectives: A Peer-reviewed bilingual interdisciplinary journal

Dear Readers,

The world over, we are aware of the importance of plurality, of divergences within a collective, indeed of perspective/s. As an academic institution, it is in fact even more incumbent that we practice, promote and propagate the idea of a polyphonic society.

So, when we decided to launch an e-journal, it was but natural that we chose the name Perspectives as it so succinctly put forward in one word, the aims and objectives of the journal. Interestingly, a few decades ago, JDMC faculty did publish a print journal called Perspectives. That became another reason to name the e-journal such and acknowledge our academic inheritance – what better way to carry forward a legacy. Something old in something new, it surely would act as a talisman for the journal!

The idea for an e-journal sprang up in the Diamond Jubilee year of the college (2019-20) when it was decided that the celebratory nature of the occasion be accompanied by something more material, enriching and forward looking. A peer reviewed bilingual  e-journal  that could be a voice for different kinds of thinking and research seemed appropriate. A lot of effort was put into deciding the rules, the Editorial Board and the publisher. That’s how Vitasta Publications with the amazing Renu Kaul at the helm and an engaged technical support from Manpreet Singh came our way and we owe them gratitude for showing us the way in creating an online journal. It is indeed a neatly designed journal, from our perspective!

As an inaugural issue, it was decided that the articles would be primarily from the texts of the lectures/talks given by the eminent speakers of the Jubilee year and we are so grateful that some of the illustrious guests shared their speeches (as articles) including the Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu. We are also happy to have received some wonderful Film reviews from colleagues in the college. The alacrity with which various academicians we approached, accepted our invite to be a part of the Editorial Board, disarmed us. It was all the encouragement we needed.

The journey has been a learning one, not without its challenges especially since the Covid-19 pandemic blunted our enthusiasm. However, it is from ashes that the phoenix rises and it is a sign of courage and resilience that out of darkness, creation happens. The inaugural issue is thus even more special to us as it marks our ability to surge ahead in spite of terribly trying times. This landmark issue will surely set a benchmark for the future annual issues which will have a central theme inviting divergent expression.

We wish everyone a happy and meaningful reading of this first issue and we eagerly look forward to responses to our call for submissions in times to come!

Wishing everyone a safe time indoors and what better way to spend it than learn about perspectives!


The Editorial Team