Volume II, May 2022

Perspectives – A Peer-Reviewed, Bilingual, Interdisciplinary E-Journal

Serial No.Pandemic ChroniclesAuthorPage Number
1Gaia and the Environmental Apocalypse in Superhero Comics and Science FantasyRoma Chatterji1 – 30
2 Impact of Digital Learning in Higher Education and Possible Implications of Blended ModePuja Pal, Amit Kumar and Deepti Sethi31-50
3Little Hands at Work: A Study of Child Workers during Covid-19Nirmala Muralidhar and Prerna Butta51-67
4Decoding Disablism: A Dialogue on Disability and Covid-19 in IndiaPriyam Sinha68-98
5Mumbai Paused: The Pandemic as a Disruption to the Migrant NarrativeParvathy Rajendran99-123
6Children, Education and The Covid-19 PandemicVimala Ramachandran124-140
7Burial Rites/Rights, Acts of Grieving and Resistance Narratives: A Reading of Imayam’s Short StoriesB. Mangalam141-157
8Understanding Death in the Times of Epidemic: Perspectives in La pesteKalplata158-173
9Influence of the Covid 19 Pandemic on Dietary Habits and Nutritional StatusPulkit Mathur174-190
10Living A Dark Night: Articulating The Artist’s VoicePaula Sengupta191-206
11Rejigging Teachers’ Role During the PandemicKunal Mehta207-222
Book/Film Reviews
12Review of Payal Nagpal,In the Labyrinth Poems, Signer, New Delhi, 2020 ISBN: 978-81-920134-5-9Swati Pal223-228
13Review of Laura Spinney, Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How it Changed the World, Vintage: London, 2018, ISBN 978-1-78470-240-3Tara Sheemar229-235
14Review of Ranjit Rae, Kathmandu Dilemma: Resetting India-Nepal Ties. Penguin, 2021, pp.237.ISBN:978-0-670-09521-6 (Hardback)Rehnamol P R236-242
15Review of Sanjay Baru, India’s power elite: class, caste and a cultural revolution, Viking, (India), Penguin Viking, 2021, viii + 246 pp., Rs 699 (hardback), ISBN 9780670092444Raju Keshari243-249
16Review of Rajshree Chandra, Competing Nationalisms: The Sacred and Political Life of Jagat Narain Lal. Viking Penguin and The New India Foundation, 2021, Gurgram, pp. 222 Pavan Kumar250-257
17Film Review ‘तिनको के नशेमन तक इस मोड़ से जाते हैं आंधी’(1975) by Sudha UpadhyaySudha Upadhyay258-270
18Power is the KeywordKiriti Sengupta271-277
19Covid and OphthalmologySagarika Patyal278-283
20Impact Of Covid – 19 For Real EstateAbhijit Sinha284 – 291
21Photography and HealthArun Ganguly292-298
22Covidperiences in the Valley – A Year and CountingAbrar Ul Mustafa299-308