Volume IV, May 2024

Serial No.Issue 4 – Climate Change and SustainabilityAuthorPage Number
1Exploring the concept of Free Will in the Anthropocene: How can it inform the discourses surrounding the concepts of responsibilities, societal influences and aiding others, particularly as tied to environmentalism?Gabriel Yahya Haage 1 – 30
2 Vulnerable Ecologies: A Literary Study of Dam Narratives in IndiaElwin Susan John 31-48
3A case for building climate change resilience in cities through community-based preservation of wetlandsRitu Rao 49-62
4Harmony of Riverine Rhythms: A Study of Traditional Ecological Episteme in the Melodic Memoryscape of the Folk Ballads of Bengal Sreya Mukherjee 63-83
5 It’s Not Happening? Understanding the Reality of Climate change scepticsSana Rehman and Anju Gupta 84-102
6 Lost in Transition? – Documenting State Narratives & Local Perceptions on the Proposed “Ultra Mega” Solar Project and the Potential Impacts on Livelihood Strategies of Changpas in Changthang, LadakhMridul Ganguly 103-128
7Questing after a New Eco-Canon: Exploring Climate Consciousness in Literatures from North East IndiaDhurjjati Sarma 129-144
8 The Gendered Nature: Tiṇai and the Creation of Identities Deepna Kuttiyil 145-155
9Urbanisation, Climate Change and Policy: A Study of Delhi Kanika Kakar 156-185
10Water and its Complex Relationship with Peace: From Scarcity to StabilityUttam Sinha 186-203
11शहर और नदी: चम्पा ‘नदी’-‘नाला’ का द्वंद्व (भागलपुर, बिहार) रुचि श्री 204-214
1कविताएँ जीवन की सच्ची आलोचना होती हैसुधा उपाध्याय 215-221
2Review of Dust Decked Rainbow QuiltsSwati Pal 222-231
3In Search of Delhi – Book ReviewSaumya Gupta 232-237